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Resurrectio – Trek Backroads

Trek Backroads

Multiple light types make baby jesus cry

A Trek 520 by any other name?

Spent the afternoon reviving an old Trek Backroads. I haven’t been able to find any mention of these bikes. Apparently it was an REI bike used for touring in the Bay Area in the mid-late ’90s.

It seems to be a Trek 520 frame set with Trek 720 parts. Interestingly the BB shell is actually stamped ‘520’ opposite the serial number. Looking at other serials I’d guess the frame is from ’98 or so.

It’s a decent CrMo frame. TrueTemper OX tube, 700C wheels, double eyelets in the rear, mid fork bosses, slack angles, cantilever brakes. Came equipped with a wide range 7 speed, triple front rings, and flat bars. From the parts spec I’d believe this was a working bike or an REI special hybrid.

Repurposed as a commuter with some new and old bits:

Took it out around the block and it’s all as expected. Very mellow steering with an upright position. Gearing is 31-97 inches, 5th sits at 60 gear inches. Hills shouldn’t be much of a chore, and plenty of zip for flats. Happy with the 38mm tires, but not much room for fenders. May be able to butcher some Planet Bikes in there. Otherwise Looks like it may drop down to ~35s this winter.

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